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PLUNGE with us on February 13th, 2016 beginning at 10am and support Athens youth and the Athens Rotary Club as we team up to increase positive youth development to prevent gang participation.  Former Police Chief Lumpkin identified nascent gang activity beginning in Athens and urged the community to act quickly to suppress gang formation.  As a result, the Athens Rotary Club is supporting the Mayor’s Youth Development Taskforce and at-risk youth programs to help our kids make the right choices.  So join us in our Polar Bear Plunge, or support our cause by making a donation.  Which charities will we support and why? The Athens Rotary Club is working with the Mayor’s Youth Development Task Force to strengthen neighborhoods through Chess and Community Conference  and The Great Promise Partnership, two high impact organizations helping our kids make smart choices.

What's PlungeFest?  

It is when you and your crazy friends jump into frigid water (Lake Chapman at Sandy Creek Park) in the middle of the winter.  Check out video from the 2014 plunge supporting Mercy at the right of this page. 
Grab a friend, coworker, family member or go at it alone — register today and you'll have bragging rights for years to come. Not just anyone can say they jumped into Lake Chapman in the dead of winter, right?
Three ways to plunge...
For you hardy souls, jump all in!  for those of you more sensible people, take the Chicken dip.  Just stick your toe in, then head for the fire and s'mores (also for people under 18 years old).
And for group plungers, or groups that want to raise money in support of a single plunger, you can register as a Team. Just click "Register to Participate," sign up, and build your personalized or Team webpage.
Check us out at our 2016 Facebook event page at Plungefest 2016 Event Page

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